Raise awareness of veterans’ post-deployment struggles and the impact of loss from war. Partner with 501(c)(3) non-profit veteran's organizations during the fundraising phase, with a portion of these funds going to said organization for recreational and therapeutic programs that serve veterans with PTSD and other illnesses associated with combat.


The projected budget for this film is projected to be between $75k and $125k, depending on talent and location costs. This will include pre-production, production, post-production, distribution. (These figures are a general estimate based on a variety of factors.)

The objective is to partner with a 501(c)(3) nonprofit veterans organization. AT EASE will raise money for the organization through the film and provide a link to the organization for immediate donation following the short film. Twenty percent of the profits from AT EASE will also be donated to the organization from the first year of sales. The non-profit will provide the AT EASE production with a line item in their organization so all funds raised for the project and subsequent donations will be tax deductible.


One goal of this project is to have AT EASE played at select theaters before feature films screen. This will allow people to watch a “support our troops” effort akin to the old “support the war”efforts played in theaters during WWII. AT EASE will have a link at the end of the film for theater-goers to donate, including from their mobile devices. Another goal is to work with theaters to have a coupon readily available that pops up on the contributors’ confirmation, giving them up to a couple dollars off their next theater outing. This incentive gives an immediate payoff.

Along with theater viewing, the movie will be available via digital download or ordered via DVD, for a price yet-to- be-determined. During the fundraising efforts (with the help of the non-profit veteran organization), we will be offering digital download and DVD pre-orders.

All donations will be tax-deductible.